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With thousands of roofs in need of repair in our community. Hulton Contracting, Inc. is your roofing contractor!

Commercial Roofing Services

Most small roofing contractors have trouble repairing or installing a roofs for a commercial buildings. Our experienced team can handle any size roof and complete the job with ease. We  mainly use these 3 types of Roofing methods: EPDM Roofing Material, Dec Tec & Torch Down Technique.

Residential Roofing Services

Most usually a residential roofing lasts from 15 to 20 years, which means that a major percentage of Pennsylvania houses are in need of a new roof! When was the last time you checked your roof? Most roofing contractors come in your neighborhood on a “neighborhood discount” and use “discount” material which in the long run causes you to spend more money on a new roof! We’ve been working in roofing industry for more than a decade and have experience in workmanship and quality materials!

Home Siding Services

 House Siding acts as both a moisture barrier and additional barrier to weather penetration on your home. When siding is installed over the correct way water will drain away from the surface and surface moisture dissipates through normal drying by evaporation. Some homes have bad siding that causes mold, structural damage & more!

Skylight Install Services

Hulton Contracting, Inc specializes in skylight installations. These are a window like feature that gives a transparent view through your regular roofing. Most homes have ineffective skylights that leak and don’t keep cold weather out. After replacing your old Skylights with new skylights, you will be able to see the starlit sky before you go to sleep, stay warm & dry!

Storm Damage Services

Expert Storm Damage repairs from Hulton Contracting can help your family get back on your feet after a bad storm that has caused structural damage to your home! Fast, expert emergency repairs and restoration of your home or business because we understand how important it is to get back to normal life.

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